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Working Papers

Li, L. “Environmental Goods Provision and Gentrification: Evidence from MillionTreesNYC” (Revision Requested at Journal of Environmental Economics and Management)

Li, L., Ando, A. “Early Life Experience and Willingness To Pay for Conservation” (Under Review)

Doremus,J, Li, L., Jones, D. “Locked down but load the feeder: Covid-related surge in global wild bird feeding” (Revised & Resubmmited)

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Work in progress

“Wildfires and Birth outcomes in California” with Singh, P.

“Urban Agriculture: Social Equity and Gentrification” with Long, D.

“The effect of climate change information on food choices” with Liu, H. and Long, D.


Instructor (Full course responsibility):

Economics, Causality, and Analytics at CSUF. 2022

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (Master-level) at CSUF. 2021

Intermediate Microeconomics at CSUF. 2020 - 2022

Microcomputer Applications at UIUC. Fall 2018; Spring 2019; Fall 2019

Teaching Assistant:

Environmental Economics (undergraduate) at UIUC. Fall 2015; Fall 2016

Agricultural Consumer and Resource Econ (undergraduate) at UIUC. Spring 2016

Retirement & Benefit Planning (undergraduate) at UIUC. Spring 2015

Agricultural Marketing at UIUC. Fall 2014; Spring 2019


My CV is available in PDF form. (Last updated: Aug, 2022)