Li, L., Ando, A. “Early Exposure to Nature and Willingness-To-Pay for It: The Value of Tallgrass Prairie Grassland Restoration” (Accepted at Land Economics)

Li, L., Ando, A (2022) “The Impact of Bison Reintroduction on Local Economies.” Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. DOI:

Brock, M., Doremus, J., & Li, L. (2021) “Birds of a Feather Lockdown Together: Mutual bird-human benefits during a global pandemic.” Ecological Economics, 189, 107174.

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Working Papers

Li, L. “Environmental Goods Provision and Gentrification: Evidence from MillionTreesNYC” (R&R at Journal of Environmental Economics and Management)

Doremus,J, Li, L., Jones, D. “Locked down but load the feeder: Covid-related surge in global wild bird feeding” (R&R)

Li, L., Ando, A., “The impact of the Conservation Reserve Program on local employment.”

Work in progress

“Wildfires and Birth outcomes in California” with Singh, P.

“Urban Agriculture: Social Equity and Gentrification” with Long, D.

“The effect of climate change information on food choices” with Liu, H. and Long, D.


Instructor (Full course responsibility):

Economics, Causality, and Analytics at CSUF. 2022

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (Master-level) at CSUF. 2021

Intermediate Microeconomics at CSUF. 2020 - 2022

Microcomputer Applications at UIUC. Fall 2018; Spring 2019; Fall 2019

Teaching Assistant:

Environmental Economics (undergraduate) at UIUC. Fall 2015; Fall 2016

Agricultural Consumer and Resource Econ (undergraduate) at UIUC. Spring 2016

Retirement & Benefit Planning (undergraduate) at UIUC. Spring 2015

Agricultural Marketing at UIUC. Fall 2014; Spring 2019


My CV is available in PDF form. (Last updated: Jan, 2023)